Japanese VS Korean eyebrow trend

This year straight, thick eyebrows are the hit for both Korea and Japanese. I’ve seen in every magazines showing off the thick eyebrow tutorial like this one is taken from Maquia magazine in June 2014


It’s cute and natural, even make a face appears younger in my opinion


For Japanese style seems to be more lighter color and gradient at the front


While Korean style may seems a bit more bold and thicker in shape


Now you can tell the differences


For myself I also prefer thick eyebrows now as it soften the face and appears younger but shape will be different everyday cuz i have to recreate the shape by drawing .. It’s a good fun and I can learn to shape it everyday .. Well atleast I’m having fun everyday lol



(I will try to update my blog in English but for those who want more update in beauty and fashion, I update a lot often in my facebook fanpage, you can follow me there but it’s in Thai ka)

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2 Comments on Japanese VS Korean eyebrow trend

  1. ดีค่ะ หนูจะได้ฝึกภาษาด้วย ได้ทั้งความงามได้ทั้งภาษาเลย ^^
    ชอบคิ้วแบบญี่ปุ่นตอนนี้มาก แต่ดูบางไปนิดเนอะ

    • พี่อ่านได้แบบงูๆ ปลาๆ มากๆ ส่วนมากดูแต่ภาพกับเดาเอา ดูรูปอย่างเดียวก็เพลินแล้วอ่ะ ถ้าอ่านออกจะต้องสนุกมากๆแน่ๆเลย

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