Koh Tao Day Day 1-3

On the first day at Koh Tao, we arrived at our resort. "Ban's Diving Resort". It's my third time staying here and I'd recommend this place if you are a diver and you are looking for a reasonable price to stay, with good diving service and close to party venues, this is the place you're looking for!!


Divers divers divers are everywhere!!! This is surely a great place to start to learn Open Water course and get PADI license, my friends do it here this time, my husband got Open water license already and he’s doing his advance course this time. Too bad for me that I just had my ovarian surgery removal last month so I am not allowed to do so this time. Looking forward for next year.


For those who are looking for a cheap PADI open water course that includes 4 days accommodation, I’d recommend to study at Koh Tao, for 9000 Baht you get the course and accommodation as well (that’s like $300 only). And 8500 Baht for 2 days advance course. This is the room we get.


I’ve been here on 2006 and found one black kitten that always came into my room, this year (2012) I met her again and she is all grown up and pregnant too


After friends and husband going to diving school, I still got friend that is not studying and one friend that was about to study but he’s got hypertension (high blood pressure) which doctor and teacher not recommend him to study right now, so we got loads of free time and we decided we should go on a day trip snorkeling.


We went to Koh Nangyuan on the second day on island, hella beautiful island it is!!


After the first day, I decided to put in the rash guard shirt that has UV protection, which is better for the skin. My skin is not at all burnt, or get tan. I prefer white skin, suit me better.


On 3rd day, we went around island snorkeling in many spots like Shark Bay, Hin Wong, Mango Bay. found many many fishes, it was good. This time, after I heard about global warming that affect all coral reef in the world, I can see that it affect here as well as the coral is less in color and some are dying…. It reminds me to keep saving the world, save the energy and keep it clean!


On the night, there was a party going on at Fishbowl pub there. Great live music


Late at night, they started to have a fire limbo.


Then they brought the fire jumping rope!, so many people wanted to try it even it looks scary


Then they brought this fire hoop.


To let people jump through that and get a free shot! I was surprised that so many people did that, even some was not succeed but you have to give it to them!


One more thing I found out, is the infamous bending coconut tree that I took pictures before. This time it was almost fall down, so they have the protection for it, and also put some barbed wire around the tree to protect people from climbing it .. I know this made it look bad,.. but better than to let it fall down and we will never see it again when we are back..(but it should be a better way)


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2 Comments on Koh Tao Day Day 1-3

  1. That cat still there ? OMG ….hahaha the last pic remind me of our trp… miss you jang…
    Ps. I love this blog
    Well done girl

  2. nice pictures and story ^ ^
    So sunny day, take care you skin naka 😀

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