Koh Tao Diving

My husband went for diving today with his friends, so I got picture from his camera to show you guys the underwater pictures at Koh Tao, even though visibility is not quite clear, but we still got some nice photos here. So if anyone have a chance to come to Thailand, don't miss out diving here! It's awesome.




Loads and loads of Baracudas



Thanks to my husband for nice photos


Cool pose of his friend, I love this shot



January is not a great time diving here due to visibility of the water is not quite clear so recommend time to dive here is February March. If you have a chance, please come!

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4 Comments on Koh Tao Diving

  1. P’A is so cool (when in the sea :P)
    I never go diving before, wanna try it too, but I’m weak in swimming skill, is it possible for diving?

    • Yes you can cuz cute girl can do anything eiei, of course you can always do health check to make sure you can first. I’m going to have my open water course next year too after my wound is completely heal, wanna join?

  2. Can i go join too?? Lol wht is the scool ka? How much ahh? and wht is their license ka?

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