A year after, White chocolate cheesecake

It’s been a year that I stopped baking because i was so done with the dishwashing and cleaning, and believe me it’s a big job!

So after my mother in law bought me the cake display fridge for my shop.. I then think it should be nice to start baking again as it saying thank you for buying it for me I loved it a lot.


All oven and kitchen wares were cleaned and I started to bake again. White chocolate cheesecake is my top menu where I got compliments a lot. So here it is..

During summertime in Thailand ( which is like whole time of summer but it worse in this time) it’s difficult for whipped cream cuz it melts quickly but I managed to did it again! Yeyyy


So if any chance that you come to koh Samed and happens to pass by my shop come check it out my cake.. I don’t bake that often though. Haha

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Ashtangi mom from Thailand. Yoga teacher. A human with passion, confidence and Love.

1 Comment on A year after, White chocolate cheesecake

  1. wanna try them all!

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